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Overall stability and improvement of industrial textiles are facing challenges

Information on key areas

Medical and Sanitary Textile is a large scale field in the industry. As it is closely related to life and health, its demand has strong rigidity. With the improvement of income level and the change of consumption concept, its potential market space will be continuously released.

China has a large production capacity of medical dressings, surgical holes and disposable sanitary products, and is a major global producer and exporter. From January to November 2015, China exported us $3.19 billion of medical and health textiles, with a year-on-year growth of 1.35%, including US $1.43 billion of sanitary napkins and baby diapers, an increase of 3.89%; US $990 million of nonwoven medical protective clothing, an increase of 4.27%; and US $770 million of gauze, bandages and other medical dressings, with a decrease of 6.28%.

Due to the domestic hospital procurement system, Chinese manufacturers of medical auxiliary materials and protective clothing take overseas market as their main development direction.


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